5 Misconceptions about Funeral Cover

That’s Not Right – 5 Misconceptions about Funeral Cover

In the information age in which we live, we are often bombarded with offers to take on Funeral and other financial cover. While many of these financial instruments should be considered essential, many people shy away from taking them on simply because they have preconceptions about what is being offered and how they work.

Below we will try to debunk some of these misconceptions in our quest to assist you in making an informed decision when investing in funeral cover

1. I do not need funeral cover because I have life cover

Wrong! Life cover and funeral cover are very different. Life cover is designed to provide long term financial security to your loved ones. Life cover often takes time to process and is aimed specifically at covering existing debt and ongoing living expenses. Funeral cover provides for the immediate, short-term funding which is required when someone passes away. It is often a very traumatic and emotional time where you don't want anyone to worry about covering unexpected costs. 

2. Funeral Cover is a luxury I cannot afford

This really does not need to be the case. At the end of the day, it is YOUR funeral cover. It can be tailored to suit your budget and your requirements. All funeral policies are unique, with benefits varying tremendously. In its most simple form, the greater the benefits, the greater the cost.

Incomes vary as do cultures, some people will want a lavish send-off for their loved ones while others prefer a simple affair. Your provider should be able to tailor your policy to suit your budget and your requirements.

3. I am too old or have a pre-existing condition so I cannot get cover

Age will not usually exclude funeral cover. However, for obvious reasons, the older you are the more you are going to pay.  As for pre-existing conditions, these may result in temporary or permanent exclusions in the case of a death arising from that condition. Accidental death will not be excluded.

As most funeral cover does not require a medical, it is important to declare any pre-existing condition to avoid nasty surprises at a time of mourning.

4. I need to take out cover for my spouse and their parents as well

Many people believe that individual policies are required for each family member. While this can be done, it is way more expensive than simply taking out a family policy which will cover all members of your family. Ask for a quote for comparisons.

5. It is too complicated and time-consuming to take out funeral cover

We offer a simple, online, application process. Most funeral cover does not require a medical examination, so it is simply a case of identifying your requirements and budget and we will do the rest. In fact, in most cases, direct online applications will prove to be more budget friendly as they bypass agents and brokers fees and the companies offering the services will generally have lower overheads and operating costs.

Once you have clarity on your requirements, simply get an easy online quote and purchase your policy online. Our funeral cover is underwritten by Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited, part of the Old Mutual Group.

They have been paying claims for over 170 years, so you can rest assured you are in safe hands.

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