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Our blog covers insights and practical tips to reduce your reliance on debt and build up resilience for financial emergencies in a simple, cost-effective and tailor made way.


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Credit Reports in South Africa

2 min read

interest rates, interest rate hikes, repo rate

Latest repo rate announcement and what it means for you

2 min read

On Wednesday, 27 March 2024, The South African Reserve Bank (The SARB)'s Monetary Policy Committee...

fuel price, electricity, petrol price

An increase in the price of fuel and electricity

2 min read

April Fools Day is lasting longer than one day for South Africans with the petrol and electricity...

Credit, money management and budgeting, money management

The 5 best ways to manage your money

4 min read

When it comes to managing your money well, you may think that the best way to manage your money is...

Debt Review, Debt Counselling, Debt

What options do I have if I can't pay my debt?

2 min read

Did you know: almost half of a South African's salary is spent paying debt, with the average South...

Debt Review, debt counselling, Debt

The pros and cons of debt counselling

2 min read

If you're in a tight spot financially, unable to pay for all your debt, you've probably come across...
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