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Our blog covers insights and practical tips to reduce your reliance on debt and build up resilience for financial emergencies in a simple, cost-effective and tailor made way.


Credit, Debt, Debt help

Gym, cellphone and insurance contracts: What you need to know

2 min read

Pay day should be a happy day, but are you one of many people for whom it’s just a day for all your...

Debt Review, Credit, Finances, Debt

Are South Africans addicted to credit or unable to keep up with the cost of living?

3 min read

South African consumers owe a total of R2.31 trillion. This is based on the reports (Consumer...

Credit, Debt Counselling, personal loans

How do I know if I should get a loan?

4 min read

Taking out a personal loan can be a tempting solution when you find yourself in need of extra...

Credit, credit score, credit report, credit record

What you need to know about credit reports in South Africa

2 min read

What is a credit report? A credit report is a detailed overview of your credit history compiled by...

Credit, poor credit score, credit report, poor credit rating, credit record

How will a personal loan affect my credit score?

2 min read

Personal loans can be a useful financial tool for many South Africans. A personal loan can help you...

Credit, Finances, Debt, debit order

What is DebiCheck? Everything you need to know

2 min read

Debicheck meaning DebiCheck is a type of debit order that gets confirmation from you before a debit...
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