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Save to Win

It is like the lottery, except you can't lose!

Start Saving

Start Saving

We’ve combined the habit of saving money with a chance to win cash prizes - the more you save with Meerkat, the more chances you earn to win! Even when you aren’t a winner, you’ve still grown your savings and are that much closer to reaching your goals.


How it works

For every R100 you save, you receive a ticket into the Meerkat "Save to Win" draw. You stand a chance to WIN the grand prize of R1000 every month. Along with a range of smaller prizes. PLUS, When you refer a friend, you will receive 1 ticket for every R100 your friend saves. Your friend will also receive 1 ticket for every R100 they save up to a maximum of 3 tickets. That's the benefit of friendship.

Our latest winners

March Winner: ANDISWA G

We are paying out thousands of Rands in prizes every month and we are just getting started… it could be your turn next!



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