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Clearance Certificate

Get cleared from Debt Review the trusted way

Have you completed debt review? The only way to legally exit the debt review process is with a debt review clearance certificate. 

With a clearance certificate from
Meerkat you can:

Legally Exit Icon@2x

Legally exit the debt review process.

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Get cleared and remove the debt review flag from your credit report.

Start Applying@2x

Start applying for credit again.

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Save money and time by completing the entire process online.

Unlock Your Financial Freedom

We understand that dealing with debt can be an overwhelming and challenging journey, but with Meerkat's clearance certificate for debt solutions, we aim to provide you with a fresh start and a sense of relief. If all your debt has been paid up we can help.

Our clearance certificate grants you the opportunity to legally exit the debt review process, It goes beyond just lifting the burden of debt; it allows you to remove the debt review flag from your credit report, opening doors to new possibilities. 

Our clearance certificate empowers you to once again start pursuing your dreams and aspirations.

By offering a streamlined and convenient online process, we aim to save you precious time and money, allowing you to focus on rebuilding your financial future. At Meerkat, we're here to support you every step of the way and help you reclaim control over your financial well-being.

Get cleared in 6 easy steps!


Step 1: Apply online using our speedy application process

All you need is to fill in your ID number and answer 3 basic security questions to confirm your identity. 

Step 2: Upload supporting documentation

If you don't have these, don't worry, we can still assist you.

Step 3: Pay R1150 application fee (inc VAT)

*Please note you will be charged an extra fee if you require us to obtain your paid-up letters from creditors. 

Step 4: Credit record retrieved

At this stage, we will retrieve the most recent version of your credit report.

Step 5: Credit providers & credit bureaus contacted to update your credit profile

If any creditors need to be contacted for a paid-up letter, we will do so. We will also contact the credit bureaus and issue them with a copy of your debt review clearance certificate to let them know you have successfully completed the debt review process.

Step 6: Your debt review clearance certificate issued

You are issued with your debt review clearance certificate and have now been successfully removed from the debt review process. 

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