financially fit

Here's how to become financially fit and wealthy:

Summer is almost here! Most of us are working hard to get in shape for the season, and with beach days, braai’s and long summer nights, it’s also a great time to start prepping financially so you can enjoy the summer season without the stress.

Get a fresh look at all your paperwork.

Have a look at all your financials including bank statements, investment accounts and monthly bills. This is the first step in setting (or re-working) your budget for the summer.

Then…check your budget

Is your budget prepped for summer? Doing a budget check-up will give you a chance to see if there are any problem areas and will also keep you on track so you don’t suffer from any post-summer financial blues. Most people tend to spend more over this season so re-look and re-work your budget where necessary. Remember that sticking to your budget doesn’t mean you can’t have fun in the sun!

S is for…Savings plan

Saving for a short term goal or saving for the future? The sooner you start saving, the better. Look around for a savings option that suits your goals. Make sure you check out the interest rates, monthly fees and ask how the account works before you sign on.  

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Think post-summer

What are your long-term financial goals? Do you have any special events or occasions coming up? Are you getting married or having a baby? All of these things means changes to your budget and savings  - so make sure you keep this in mind. Start mapping out your goals and update your finances accordingly, so that you can avoid debt and overspending during the season.

 Sun’s out, Fun’s out!

Summertime is perfect for more braais and beach days. Try to cut down your electricity costs by spending more time outdoors. Sunny days are perfect for pool parties and braais. The sun goes down later so turn off those lights and re-set the timers. Keep the curtains open and enjoy every last ray of the day. You can also cut down on your energy costs by air drying your washing instead of putting them in the tumble dryer.

Going away? Compare transport costs and accommodation

Always use comparison sites to find the best deals when you’re looking for flights and accommodation. Also, try and book in advance to avoid last minute bookings that can end up costing you. Bringing the kids? Research your holiday destination and look out for budget friendly kids activities. Going away with friends? Try and pre-plan meals and nights out so you can budget accordingly.

Shop the season sales

Keep an eye out for all the summer sales and deals at your local stores, including online. Grocery bills can rack up quite quickly with all the celebrations so make sure you shop around to find the best prices before you make any purchases. Also, try to pre-plan meals when and where you can to avoid the impulse shopping and unnecessary small shop stops.

Say bye to debt and hi to summer!

Stay financially fit all year and get rid of your debt.

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