spring clean your finances

Dust Off Your Budget - Here's how to clean your finances in 2021

Dust off your goals

Spring is the perfect time to bring your New Year’s goals back to life. What were you budgeting for? Were you saving for that dream holiday? Have you ticked any of these goals off yet? If not, now’s the time to spring into action and get back into the swing of things!

Sweep up your budget 

Re-look your spending habits from the beginning of the year. Are you living within your means or are you racking up the debt? Review your budget and trim back where you can.

Freshen up your paperwork

Now is a great time to start cleaning up your paperwork. Minimising the number of accounts you have can reduce the amount of mail you get which means less clutter.

Pile Up Your Savings 

Once you’ve re-worked your budget and cut back where necessary, start growing your savings. Open up a savings account and automate your monthly savings so you can save more and reach your financial goals.

Toss Your Debt 

Say hello to a fresh debt-free start with Meerkat. Contact us today and together, we can make this journey a breeze. We'll combine all of your debt into one reduced monthly payment and deal with all your creditors on your behalf, leaving you to focus on what matters to you most.