Valentines Day

How to enjoy Valentine's day without breaking the bank

This year Valentine’s Day falls on a Monday which may mean that you will be at work for some of the day, or just be surrounded by the usual Monday Madness!
But more than that, you may still feel a little cash strapped from the past month or two. It’s important to not get caught up in all the Valentine’s Day hype from retailers and remember what it is all about: acknowledging and expressing your love for your Valentine - in the right way for you and your partner! In this blog, we will share tips on how to not overspend on Valentine’s Day and how to keep it creative and affordable instead!
Remember the essence of Valentine’s Day should really be much more about quality time over fancy and expensive restaurants and gifts. Expressing your love and admiration for someone does not have to break the bank! Also, creativity on Valentine’s Day is what can make it so much more memorable and special.

 3 Tips on how to not overspend...

 1.    Do your research. Be sure of what you want to do or get for your Valentine before you set out and get it. This may require a little bit of thought before the day, but you really want to try and avoid making decisions on the spot.

This can mean you are susceptible to overplayed marketing tactics which might rope you into a ‘special’ which you can’t afford, nor is really necessary! Do some research and have a look at all the potential options as far in advance as you can.

 2.    Plan in advance. Whether it’s making a reservation or purchasing a gift, those last-minute shops can be far more costly to the wallet than you might hope! But also, when you are confused and under pressure to make decisions quickly, it could lead to something you may regret.

 3.    Be Creative. Overspending sometimes comes from someone’s inability to be creative and to just give in to the options made available by retailers. If you’re creative you can often come up with amazing gifts that may cost a fraction of what other, more generic, gifts and experiences can cost. Personalisation in small ways is often cost effective and very sentimental!

So, now that you are a little bit more aware of the tips on how to NOT overspend, we have come up with 5 Romantic and Affordable ways to spend your Valentine’s Day with your special someone (without breaking the bank and still keeping the romance alive)!

Fun and affordable ideas for Valentine’s Day...

 1.   Breakfast in Bed: If you must run off to work early, you may want to set the alarm an extra half an hour early and surprise your special one with a cup of tea or coffee in bed. If you have time, even prepare a small breakfast for the two of you to enjoy in bed. 
You don’t have to roll out the red carpet, but a small gesture (like breakfast in bed) at the first moment of Valentine’s Day will likely mean a lot to your partner and set the day off on the right note!

 2.   Bake Something Together: Perhaps you and your partner are not avid bakers, or maybe you are, but doing something fun and light-hearted like baking a batch of cookies together (heart-shaped of course) or something small may be the perfect thing to do in the evening. It’s a fun activity, quirky and romantic and ends in a sweet treat at the end!

 3.   Sunset Adventure: Wherever you are in the world, you may be able to find somewhere fun to watch the sunset together. Perhaps you may think that Valentine’s Day is probably the worst time to go on a sunset mission but make this a part of the creativity of it all! Find somewhere fun and different for a sunset to avoid the crowd- even bring a little snack to enjoy while taking the sunset in.

 4.   Watch a classic movie: Watching a classic movie can be lots of fun and relatively affordable for a sweet night in. Perhaps you both have a movie you enjoy or a movie you’ve both been wanting to see! Either way, it might be a nice excuse to finally sit down and enjoy it together.

5.   Repeat your first date: This is one of our favourite suggestions and it may be your Valentine's favourite too! It may catch your Valentine off guard but will certainly be an awesome romantic gesture- a blast from the past even! Take your Valentine to where you first met or were you when on your very first date. This was likely to score great brownie points and will also likely be affordable.

These are just five examples of activities on how you could make the 14th Feb special for your special someone. We encourage you to not become unrealistic with your budget and spending money which you don’t have to impress your Valentine for one day.

It is so much more about being with your special person and making them feel special. Also, without being a total buzzkill, Valentine’s Day is also a massive time for retailers and marketers to rope you into a deal that may come across as much more incising than it really is! Keep your day between the two of you and leave the outside influences of retailers out!