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Our blog covers insights and practical tips to reduce your reliance on debt and build up resilience for financial emergencies in a simple, cost-effective and tailor made way.


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Different budgeting approaches for personal finance

4 min read

There are many ways to manage your money, but the one common theme is the necessity of creating a...

budgeting, budget, budget template

How do I budget with a low income in South Africa?

3 min read

Budgeting for a low income in South Africa can be a challenging task, especially if we consider all...

budget, Finances, Debt

How do I become financially stable in my 30s?

5 min read

You're in your 30s and wondering what you should focus on if you want to become financially stable....

budget, Finances, Lookingoutforyou, Livingwell

What you need to know about the egg shortage in South Africa

2 min read

Why is there a shortage of eggs in South Africa? If you’ve been to a supermarket recently and tried...

budget, money management, salary

What is the best way to spend your income?

3 min read

“Everyone teaches you how to save money, but no one really teaches you how to spend it” - Ramit...

Debt Review, Credit, start saving, savings, budget, The Meerkat Blog, credit score, Debt

How can I start saving?

3 min read

7 Simple ways to save money There is always a reason to start saving you just need one that...
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