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How can I wipe my credit clean?

How can I wipe my credit clean?

Have you ever wondered how you can wipe your credit record completely clean? Now the next question you might probably have would be; how do I actually do it? Is it even possible to have my credit wiped out? Well...here's the good news, YOU CAN and IT IS POSSIBLE through a debt review application. Read on to find out how we can both help you and save you more on what you're currently paying.

Now, where do I start?

Get to know the process which has helped hundreds of thousands of South Africans get out of debt and regain financial wellness. Many people find themselves with tight credit obligations and ultimately struggle to come out. This can turn into a nightmare if you don't honor your obligations to your creditors.

Let us help before it gets to that. We provide you with immediate relief by taking over the management of your debt repayments as well as dealing with all your creditors on your behalf. This is the beginning of your journey to a debt-free life It all starts once you recognise that you need assistance if you have multiple credit cards or loans and spend more than half your salary toward debt repayments each month

Get in touch

With our tailored process for you in place we can help eliminate the debt you might be struggling to settle. We have dedicated, well trained agents to answer all the questions you might have. Our agents will take you through each step on your journey to financial wellness. So, you really don't have to stress alone. Meerkat is looking out for you and continues to do so in many ways. All you must do is reach out and like many South Africans out there, see how much you will save.

Need more info?

Leave your details and we will contact you to review your financial situation. We’ll review your monthly budget and assess your expenses and current debt obligations. This enables us to quickly see what your financial situation is and how we can assist to improve your situation.

As part of our process we pull your credit report at no cost to you, this gives us a more detailed view of your credit obligations and any arrears you may have. Once we’ve re-looked your budget, we will negotiate with your credit providers to have your monthly installments reduced to a more affordable amount. We’ll also negotiate a reduction in interest rates

Good to go

At the end of the process we will issue you with a clearance certificate that reflects your new debt-free status. All the credit bureaus receive a copy and they update their records and any negative information on the credit bureau is removed. Now you know that while you enjoy your peaceful sleep, Meerkat is looking out for you.


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