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Our blog covers insights and practical tips to reduce your reliance on debt and build up resilience for financial emergencies in a simple, cost-effective and tailor made way.


home loans, interest rate hikes, home repossession

How do I stop the bank from taking my home?

2 min read

Act now! Okay, act as soon as you've read this blog post. If you find yourself in a sticky...

interest rates, home loans, interest rate hikes

Homeowners brace yourself- high interest rates may be here for some time

2 min read

"Interest rates to stay higher for longer" "Interest rates go from bad to worse". These are some of...

debt counselling, Debt, home loans

What can I do if I can't pay my home loan (bond)?

3 min read

Look, we all have gone through financial difficulty or a rough patch, if you find that you can't...

Debt Review, personal loan under debt review, personal loans, clearance certificate debt review, home loans

Loan declined due to affordability in South Africa?

4 min read

Summary of this blog post: Three main reasons a bank may reject your loan application, but a debt...

Debt help, home loans, bond

What happens if I can't afford to pay my bond?

2 min read

If you are experiencing financial difficulty and you can’t afford your bond repayments, instead of...

interest rates, Debt Counselling, Debt, home loans

More interest rate hikes expected in 2023 says Nedbank economist

3 min read

The petrol price may have come down recently, but inflation is still beyond the South African...
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