Key things you may not know about funeral cover

With a broad market in funeral policies in South Africa, it is often difficult to gauge what you are banking for your buck. What is the policy really giving you compared to the next? Where does the added value come into play? It’s truly not easy to compare policies to make sure that you’re getting the fair deal that you deserve!

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Why do I need funeral cover?

Funeral cover is a type of insurance that, in the event of your death, pays a predetermined amount to your family in order to cover the costs of your funeral.

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How do you choose the best funeral cover in South Africa?

Some of the best funeral cover options in South Africa:

  • Assupol funeral cover
  • Avbob funeral cover
  • Capitec funeral cover
  • Clientele funeral cover
  • FNB funeral cover
  • Hollard funeral cover
  • Meerkat funeral cover
  • Metropolitam funeral cover
  • Old Mutual funeral cover
  • Outsurance funeral cover
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What is the difference between funeral cover and life policy?

Funeral cover is a form of insurance that pays out a sum of money to the family of the deceased in the event of death. This is to ensure that the people you love can manage the impact of funeral expenses and that the family can send you off with a dignified burial. 

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