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Can you be blacklisted while under debt review?

Can you be blacklisted while under debt review?

When you are under debt review you cannot, by law, be blacklisted. (blacklisted is a terminology that doesn’t really exist) If you were blacklisted before you entered under debt review, then it will stay on your permanent record. This is just one of many reasons why you should apply for debt review ASAP.


Many people tend to use the term “blacklisted”, but this doesn’t exist. Your credit record Is a record of your credit history and payments. If you miss payments and fall into arrears your credit report will be negatively impacted and the score will lower as a result.

If you make regular repayments to your debt, then your credit report is positively impacted. This will improve your score and it will increase. You see, you can’t really be blacklisted; your score can just be low or high. Your creditors will look at your score to determine whether you are reliable at paying your debts. If your credit score is low, this means you are a high-risk borrower.

Debt review

If you are struggling to pay off your debts and want to improve your credit score, debt review may be the option for you.  When you enter under debt review, your debt counsellor will contact your creditors and negotiate a reduction in your monthly repayments as well as the interest rates which results in you paying less each month.

Your debt counsellor will have created a new repayment plan to follow and You will only have to make one reduced payment towards your debt each month. You will have enough money to pay off your debts and for living expenses as your debt counsellor will have created a new budget for you as part of the process.

Your creditors will no longer be able to initiate any legal action against you and you will now be on your way to financial freedom. Once the process has been completed, your credit record is repaired and any reference to negative info is removed

If you are in debt and struggling to make your repayments, contact us today for help!

The bottom line

You cannot be blacklisted while under debt review, the process can protect you and your credit score. Debt review can save you and your finances if you join in time.

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