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Reduce your debt today!

Do you answer yes to one or more of the questions below?

  • Does your heart skip a beat when an unknown number phones you?
  • Are you living day-to-day in your overdraft or from your credit card?
  • Have creditors/lawyers, who you can’t pay, sent you letters/emails?
  • Do you ever skip payments to one creditor in order to pay another?
  • Do you want to keep MORE monthly income for you or your family?

Then let us help you manage your debt! Contact us today if you need help lowering your monthly repayments to a more affordable amount.

*Please note that you need to be currently employed to benefit from our services. contact us

Are you over-indebted?

*This is an indication of your financial situation. Contact us for a more detailed assessment.

See how much you can save

Item Old monthly payment New monthly payment Saving
Property bond R 9 260,16 R 6 853,26 R 2 406,90
Vehicle finance R 5 272,68 R 3 385,92 R 1 886,76
Unsecured debt R 10 641,97 R 2 401,34 R 8 240,63
Total R 25 174,83 R 12 640,52 R 12 534,29

We’re committed to providing you with

Simple solutions in English,
Afrikaans, Zulu, Sotho & Xhosa

Regular check-ins to help
you stay on track

Hassle-free process – you’ll be on your
way to a debt-free life in no time at all

Join the Meerkat family

We take care of all creditor communications,
no more phone calls, letters or emails.

We’ll help protects your assets from reposession.

You’ll have peace of mind with a clear monthly payment
plan that you CAN afford.

4 Steps to Financial Freedom


Fill in our contact form and a Meerkat consultant will call you back to review your debt commitments and work out a more affordable repayment plan.


You'll receive a FREE financial review and a new restructured payment plan. Don't forget to query anything you don't understand. No question is too silly when it comes to your success.


We will take care of alerting your creditors to stop debiting money from your account each month and will send them the proposed, more affordable, payment plan.


Once your creditors have all accepted, we will be in touch with your confirmed payment plan. This will outline your new reduced monthly payment and how much CASH you'll have leftover.

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