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Over-indebted employees, desperate to make ends meet are often subject to ill-informed credit agreements which result in undue stress in the workplace, affecting productivity and ultimately your bottom line.

Meerkat will help your employees meet their monthly debt repayments by combining all their debt into one reduced monthly payment so that they pay less every month. We will also protect them from their creditors, dealing with them on their behalf.

Debt assessment is FREE at no cost to you or your employee

Meerkat overindebted employees

Employees will have a clear restructured payment plan

Meerkat Hassle Free

Employees are no longer hassled by creditors enabling them to focus on what matters most

NB: We are fully compliant with National Credit Act & NCR and we subscribe to the highest code of customer ethics.

How it works:

Contact us for a one-on-one meeting to discuss the best solution for your staff.

We will work together to identify the best opportunity to offer Meerkat’s debt counselling services to your team.

Once an employee signs up, the standard debt counselling process will follow.

We’ll walk the journey with your staff step-by-step, through debt relief and financial freedom.

You’ll receive a monthly aggregated report of progress (while still maintaining employees’ confidentiality).

We’re committed to providing you with:

  • Simple solutions in English, Afrikaans, Zulu & Xhosa
  • Transparency with no ambiguity
  • Regular check-ins to help you stay on track
  • Hassle-free process – you’ll be on your way to a debt-free life in no time at all
Debt review example
Old monthly payment
New monthly payment
Property bondR 9 260,16R 6 853,26R 2 406,90
Vehicle financeR 5 272,68R 3 385,92R 1 886,76
Unsecured debtR 10 641,97R 2 401,34R 8 240,63
TotalR 25 174,83R 12 640,52R 12 534,29
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