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Taking on debt isn’t always a bad thing. Particularly if you look at purchasing a house or a car. You just need to make sure you keep on top of the monthly repayments. What if I’ve missed a few repayments? Firstly, don’t hide from your creditors. They will be looking to hand you over to […]

Access to credit is relatively easy. Your bank is quick to provide you with a credit card pretty much as soon as you leave school. It’s no wonder so many South Africans get used to buying things they want on credit. That’s often where the debt spiral begins. If you are struggling with your finances […]

As the wedding day draws closer many couples sign a contract that they don’t know much about due to the excitement on the fast-approaching special day. Make sure you understand the impact this contract can make in the future. Divorce isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you are about to take your […]

How many credit cards do you have? How many credit accounts do you have open? Buying on credit aids the human need for instant gratification. Many would say that buying on credit is good for you, but the truth is, whilst under debt review not having access to credit is the best thing for you. […]

5 ways debt can affect your health and ways to combat them Most people today struggle with debt, but do you realize how much debt can affect your health? You’ll be surprised at how debt can affect you physically, mentally and in your everyday life.. Below are just a few ways debt may be affecting […]

Here are some simple tips to save money daily! Research the banks to determine which to open an account with        Look around for which bank offers the best interest rates on your cheque and savings accounts. Some banks offer good rates to new customers. Some of the best deals can be found […]

This is one of the most popular searches in Google when it comes to an individual’s financial situation. It is no surprise when over 8 million of credit-active consumers in South Africa are over-indebted.  This means that each month they are struggling to keep up with their debt repayments and balances are spiralling out of […]

Elizabeth Warren, named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world coined the “50/30/20 rule” for savings and expenses with her daughter Amelia Warren Tyagi. Here’s their recommendations on how to split your income. Step 1. – Calculate your after-tax income. This is the money that goes into your […]

You don’t have to make a lot of money to start getting your debt re-payments under control. Here’s how: Do the math. How much debt do you really have? Write a list of things you’re willing to give up and start keeping track of every cent you spend Increase the amount you repay on your […]

Although it requires commitment on your part; you can work out a way to budget when you’re already in debt. Here’s how: Track your spending If you have more cash going out than coming in, then essentially you need to spend less and earn more. Take a look at what you’re earning versus your expenses, […]

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