Mothers Day Idea's

Top 5 Affordable Mother’s Day Ideas!

Mother’s Day falls on Sunday, 8th May, and for many of us it seems to have crept up really quickly this year! So, if you’re out of ideas on what to do, we are here to share our top 5 ways you can show your mother some love without breaking the bank! As with all things financial, we believe that a huge part of achieving your financial goals is setting goals, devising a plan, and sticking to the plan pretty strictly! So, even when events such as birthdays or Mother’s Day (in this case) arise, it is really important to not get caught up in clever marketer’s webs and fall for the best ‘deals’ out there. Rather spoil your mom in a sentimental way. Make her feel special, without spending cash you don’t have!

  1. Print those Photos

This is one of those thoughtful and cost-effective gifts that mothers and mother figures will aways love. With the world so well and truly digital these days, there are probably plenty of photographs on your phone that are just sitting there, and you’ll probably never spend time looking at them again! Find a small collection of photos on your phone which you know will be meaningful, and go and have them printed. Sometimes, they will be nice to slip into a purse, or even just pin up on the fridge etc. The point is, this is a simple and cost effective present, which will most certainly be of value to your mom.

  1. Handmade card

Think back to when you last received a handmade card… It’s probably been ages, and probably meant a whole lot to you too! This is a great opportunity to get creative and make your mom a card for mother’s day. Even being able to write a sincere letter or note in the card will really show your mom the depth of your love for her… without breaking the bank! Furthermore, Handmade cards are often treasured possessions which will last a long time, and your mom will likely hold it close to her heart. It’s so much better receiving a handmade card, than a generic printed card which typically costs an absolute fortune from card shops in South Africa. Ditch that, get creative and write from the heart!

  1. Breakfast in Bed

This old classic really is fun and perfect for a lazy Sunday morning. Bring you mom breakfast in bed, or even if it’s a cup of tea (just how she likes it of course) to start! There’s nothing better than being greeted with this prezzie and starting off the day feeling loved and considered. This is naturally inexpensive and just requires you to perhaps wake up a little earlier than usual. It also requires a little bit of planning in advance… surprise your mom with breakfast in bed, she will certainly love that!

  1. Do a chore for your mom

In most cases, moms have a million and one things on their to-do list which they just never find time to get done. This could be with regards to little things around the house, or even some errands which need to be run. Let’s be honest, some of these chores or errands are a just a mission, but this is the perfect opportunity to take some weight off your mom and take a few chores off her plate. This is not only really considerate, but will cost you nothing but your time and energy. Even if it’s little things, like hanging up a picture on the wall for her which she hasn’t gotten done, or cleaning something around the house… anything! The point is that you take a little bit of the load off her shoulder to show your love and appreciation.

  1. Help Her Relax with an At-Home Spa.

This is a lovely, cost effective idea which will also help your mom relax as she ends off the week and gets ready for Monday. Why not run her a beautiful hot bubble bath, light some candles and get her a facemask? Or even just pamper her with anything she might enjoy, such as some nail polish or anything along those lines! It’s the thought that counts and a little at-home spa moment is the so sweet and cost effective all in one.

 Overall, we know that Mother’s Day is a massive opportunity for big retail giants to try and sell special ‘deals’ to South Africans. So we wanted to just remind you that there are amazing things you can do, which will be very meaningful, which doesn’t have to make your pockets hurt! Keep it sentimental, keep it meaningful to your mother, and make sure that you express your appreciation to her on Mother’s Day (and every other day for that matter).