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This is one of the most popular searches in Google when it comes to an individual’s financial situation. It is no surprise when over 8 million of credit-active consumers in South Africa are over-indebted.  This means that each month they are struggling to keep up with their debt repayments and balances are spiralling out of […]

Elizabeth Warren, named by Time Magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world coined the “50/30/20 rule” for savings and expenses with her daughter Amelia Warren Tyagi. Here’s their recommendations on how to split your income. Step 1. – Calculate your after-tax income. This is the money that goes into your […]

You don’t have to make a lot of money to start getting your debt re-payments under control. Here’s how: Do the math. How much debt do you really have? Write a list of things you’re willing to give up and start keeping track of every cent you spend Increase the amount you repay on your […]

Although it requires commitment on your part; you can work out a way to budget when you’re already in debt. Here’s how: Track your spending If you have more cash going out than coming in, then essentially you need to spend less and earn more. Take a look at what you’re earning versus your expenses, […]

FinTips   You can apply for Debt review if you have a regular monthly income, are deemed as over-indebted and  have no legal action pending. If a section 129 letter has been issued this is the last step before legal action is taken and often seen as your last chance to reach out to a […]

Debt counselling The answer is simple. NO. Debt counselling will not affect your future (or current) employment. Since 2007, debt counselling has been seen as a positive rehabilitation process in our country, helping millions of consumers get a grip on their debt. Most employers have welcomed this process and have seen how it can improve […]

Debt counselling is a regulated process by the NCR. The process protects consumers from their creditors as no legal action can be taken once the proposed repayment plan has been accepted. It provides an opportunity to regain financial control to avoid future over-indebtedness and at the end of the process a clearance certificate is issued, […]

If your loan application is denied, you might wonder what to do next. Why were you denied, how long do you need to wait before applying again, and what steps can you take to prevent it from happening again? It’s important to understand exactly what happened because it will probably continue to happen if you don’t […]