Thinking about debt review? Do you qualify?

You can apply for Debt review if you have a regular monthly income, are deemed as over-indebted and  have no legal action pending.

If a section 129 letter has been issued this is the last step before legal action is taken and often seen as your last chance to reach out to a registered debt counsellor for help.

If a section 129 letter of demand is older than 3 months, it will become more difficult to get assistance.   The onus of contacting a debt counsellor is on the consumer and it must be done quickly.  If the consumer does not have any regular income, debt review is not as an option as you will be need to make payments as set out in the court order.  Failure to comply with a court order is contempt of court so you need to have the means to pay the debt.

If you are having difficulties paying your debt, don't wait.  Get in touch today.