Spring-clean your finances

Here’s how to spring clean your finances: 

Say hi to Spring and bye to debt! This season often signals a fresh start- where we clean out the old to make room for the new. This should also apply to your finances. While you’re in the process of minimising, organising and cleaning out – you should do the same for your debt. Use this time to tidy up your financial life by shedding lingering debt.

Organise your financial paperwork.

Keep all your bills, receipts and important documents in check to help you simplify your finances. This will give you a chance to streamline your paperwork process and get rid of unnecessary slips, documents and files that you don’t need anymore. Start by putting important papers and receipts into the right folders and throwing away anything else you don’t need.

Review your spending.

Re-look your monthly budget and if your expenses exceed your income, cut out things you can live without. Don’t have a budget? Now is a great time to get one. Remember, when working out your budget ask yourself the following questions: What are your living costs? Are you living beyond your means? Can I cut out unnecessary spend? Just like you get rid of broken equipment or furniture that is taking up space unnecessarily, try to eliminate all expenses and purchases that are not essential.

Clean up old or stale expenses.

You could be paying for services and items that you don’t need. Go through your bank records to see what you’re paying for. You may have credit cards or monthly subscriptions you don’t need anymore, or you may find that you’re spending too much money on data for your phone. Make sure you get rid of all these little expenses that add up.

Create fresh financial goals.

Once you have a clear idea of what your current financial situation is, set yourself new financial goals, including saving, spending, paying off debt and generating money goals.

Get your debt under control.

Contact Meerkatoday for a FREE no-obligation debt assessment and let our dedicated debt team help you freshen up your finances. We can provide you with immediate financial relief and protection from creditors and give you a chance to pay off debt in an affordable way without losing assets. Confidentiality is also guaranteed.