Debt counselling

The answer is simple.

NO. Debt counselling will not affect your future (or current) employment.

Since 2007, debt counselling has been seen as a positive rehabilitation process in our country, helping millions of consumers get a grip on their debt. Most employers have welcomed this process and have seen how it can improve their employees’ lives, both financially and mentally.

In most professions, it’s important that you show that you’re on top of your personal finances, especially if your job involves advising other people on money management. This is usually because most employers feel that if you can’t manage your own money properly, then how can you be in a position to give other people the right financial advice?


Remember that debt counselling is a voluntary process so when you take your own initiative to sign up, you are holding yourself accountable and taking a step towards repaying your debts. Being under debt review should not affect a potential employer’s decision to hire you, as it shows that you have taken charge of your debt situation. If, on the other hand, they find out you are over-indebted and are not doing anything about it, they could see you as irresponsible.

And since so many people are benefitting from debt review, it’s no longer seen as taboo. Therefore, employers should not discriminate based on the fact that you are being proactive about your financial rehabilitation and making positive steps towards becoming debt-free.

Can my debt counseller help?

Yes. You can also ask your debt counsellor to provide you with a statement stating the fact that you are under debt counselling, so you can inform a potential employer that you are under debt review. But, unless you request it, this information will remain confidential.

How long will it take to clear my record?

After you have successfully completed your debt review, a clearance certificate will be issued that will ask your credit providers and the credit bureau to clear all information pertaining to the fact that you were under debt review. After the credit bureau has received your clearance certificate, they must change their records within five business days.

Want to get started?

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What is debt review