I checked off one of my ultimate Bucket List Items - Thanks Meerkat!

 Every now and then a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity comes your way. In my case, the chance to climb Mount Kilimanjaro came up in 2020. With great excitement and preparation, all of our plans were delayed due to the Coronavirus pandemic… 

Although disappointing, it was something I accepted as not being possible for the foreseeable future… Until last year, where luckily, the tides turned! And we were rescheduled and able to embark on this adventure in the beginning of 2022.

So, on the 28th January 2022 I set off to Tanzania with my mom and we climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Words cannot describe the experience; it was simply incredible and without a doubt something that has changed me for the better and something which I will be forever grateful for!

 But as you can imagine, before this day, there was a lot of preparation required. More than you might realise.  

 About a year before our departure, we were given a list of required equipment and other things which one must bring with you in order to successfully summit. This list ranges from, warm thermals, ski poles and technical hiking gear to UV protective sunglasses and sun cream. However, what is really important is the little comforts you are able to bring with you, which can and do make the most incredible difference.

This is in fact where Meerkat played a big role in the success of my trip. The small comforts. I was able to withdraw money above and beyond the big expenses for the little things, such as extra hand-warmers and snacks. Which massively contributed to the overall success of my summit.

Another point which I would like to add, is the cost of covid tests! As time moves on, the cost of travel and covid testing regulations change, but when we departed, plenty of tests were required of us. We had to get tested in South Africa as well as in Ethiopia and Tanzania, and then on the way home again! So, this is secondly where my Meerkat savings came to the rescue!

The final point I would like to make about my adventure is to travel to Africa! I was reminded that Africa is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth and the people are so incredible. I realised that everyone is in such a rush to get to Europe or other such destinations which receive thousands of tourists daily.

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But especially South Africans rarely consider inter Africa travel and we must! Not only is it easier to travel to, but it is also likely to be less expensive, extremely enriching, and the economies of other African countries greatly rely on tourists, meaning you can make a real tangible difference by choosing to travel around these incredible places.

So if you don’t have a savings plan with meerkat already, start one today! You might be surprised as to just how essential it could be for your travels in the future. Meerkat will be able to assist you in setting your saving goals and working towards it! Saving for an exciting adventure is actually really worthwhile.

There is no better motivation to save than to save towards a specific goal. What I mean by this is, whatever it may be, put a label on it! Put a timeframe on it. Put some money towards it! And then go out there and enjoy the experience.