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11Oct 2019

You can never predict when an emergency may happen and what that emergency might cost you. It could even add to your already growing debt Be prepared and start saving up an emergency fund so you can be financially prepared for when life happens. How to get started It is ideal to aim for an […]

19Sep 2019
save money on electricity

Did you know that geysers are accountable for more than 50% electricity bill? This means your geyser is the most energy consuming item you own. Below are some tips to help reduce how much electricity your geyser consumes and in turn reduce your monthly electricity bill. Use an electric geyser Studies have shown that an […]

19Jul 2019
savings solution

Most people save up to buy something they want. Have you ever saved your money just to save? What’s the point? You might ask. Well here are some benefits to why you should start saving today. 1. Emergency situations Emergencies are always unexpected and most of the time we are not prepared for them emotionally […]

16Jul 2019
Savings month

We all know that sometimes the hardest thing about saving money is just getting started, especially when living expenses are high and/or you’re in debt. But, it’s never too late, in fact, you could start today! Here’s how: Set your goals and go for it Firstly, why do you want to save? Do you want […]

13May 2019
Use debt rescue to solve your debt problems

Here are some simple tips to save money daily! Research the banks to determine which to open an account with        Look around for which bank offers the best interest rates on your cheque and savings accounts. Some banks offer good rates to new customers. Some of the best deals can be found […]

18Mar 2019

Here’s 5 ways to save on daily expenses this winter: Have a weekly money review Sit down once a week and review your financial status. Review your accounts and your budget that you have set up for the month. Make sure that you are on track. Make coffee at home As much as we all […]

24Jan 2019
How to save

Can you still save money if you earn a small salary? The answer is (a big) yes! Whether you’re saving money for university, retirement, a family holiday, or anything else, with a few changes and a little creativity, you can pay your bills, save money and still live life to the fullest. So take control […]

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