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11Oct 2019

You can never predict when an emergency may happen and what that emergency might cost you. It could even add to your already growing debt Be prepared and start saving up an emergency fund so you can be financially prepared for when life happens. How to get started It is ideal to aim for an […]

19Sep 2019
save money on electricity

Did you know that geysers are accountable for more than 50% electricity bill? This means your geyser is the most energy consuming item you own. Below are some tips to help reduce how much electricity your geyser consumes and in turn reduce your monthly electricity bill. Use an electric geyser Studies have shown that an […]

22Aug 2019
Single Mom with Debt

In the last South African census statistics, it showed that 14% of the population’s households are managed by women, with 5% of households having female breadwinners. When you look at these statistics, you can see why it’s important for women to take control of their financial future, but it’s not always that easy – especially […]

30Jul 2019
Financial planning

Having a financial plan can help you to achieve your long and short term goals. It can prepare you for where you are now and help you get to where you want to be. 1. Set Goals Before putting together your financial plan, you need to decide what you want your money to do. Once […]

24Jul 2019
Improve your credit score

Is your credit score looking a bit low? Wondering what determines a good credit score in the first place? Let’s take a look at a few factors: Payment history: Do you pay your bill regularly and on time? Amount owed: How much money do you owe to various lenders? Credit history: Sometimes, having no credit […]