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23Oct 2019
debt counselling

The most popular question consumers ask about debt counselling ever since it was introduced by the NCA in 2007 is: Is debt counselling a good idea? The truth is that debt counselling is the best option for over-indebted consumers. It has saved many households from, bankruptcy and losing their assets. How does it work? If […]

21Oct 2019

As parents, we know that our children’s financial future starts with us. it’s our responsibility to teach good money lessons by instilling good money habits that will set them up for a financially secure future. So where do you start? We’ll show you how with these easy-peasy tips: Start a budget A lesson in budgeting […]

11Oct 2019

You can never predict when an emergency may happen and what that emergency might cost you. It could even add to your already growing debt Be prepared and start saving up an emergency fund so you can be financially prepared for when life happens. How to get started It is ideal to aim for an […]

24Jul 2019
Improve your credit score

Is your credit score looking a bit low? Wondering what determines a good credit score in the first place? Let’s take a look at a few factors: Payment history: Do you pay your bill regularly and on time? Amount owed: How much money do you owe to various lenders? Credit history: Sometimes, having no credit […]

22Jul 2019
What to do if there is fraud

Recently the Ombudsman for Banking Services released the annual report, highlighting that banking fraud continues to be a big problem for South African consumers, with internet banking fraud being the most widespread complaint. Have you been a victim? Here’s 4 things you need to do to try and minimise the damages that could lead to […]

28Jun 2019
Need help with debt

Starting out in the “real world” as a young adult fresh out of school or college is a very exciting time, but your freedom as an adult can come at a price. These days, daily life is expensive! Expenses that you’ve never had to worry about before like rent, transport, food and general living can […]

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