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23Oct 2019
debt counselling

The most popular question consumers ask about debt counselling ever since it was introduced by the NCA in 2007 is: Is debt counselling a good idea? The truth is that debt counselling is the best option for over-indebted consumers. It has saved many households from, bankruptcy and losing their assets. How does it work? If […]

21Oct 2019

As parents, we know that our children’s financial future starts with us. it’s our responsibility to teach good money lessons by instilling good money habits that will set them up for a financially secure future. So where do you start? We’ll show you how with these easy-peasy tips: Start a budget A lesson in budgeting […]

25Sep 2019
A debt free life!

Here’s a recap on all you need to know:   1. Know your debt Before coming up with a plan to get rid of your debt, learn everything you can about what type of debt you have. Why is this so important? Because different types of debt come with different methods of dealing with it. […]

22Aug 2019
Single Mom with Debt

In the last South African census statistics, it showed that 14% of the population’s households are managed by women, with 5% of households having female breadwinners. When you look at these statistics, you can see why it’s important for women to take control of their financial future, but it’s not always that easy – especially […]

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