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11Oct 2019

You can never predict when an emergency may happen and what that emergency might cost you. It could even add to your already growing debt Be prepared and start saving up an emergency fund so you can be financially prepared for when life happens. How to get started It is ideal to aim for an […]

12Jun 2019
How to start a budget

Access to credit is relatively easy. Your bank is quick to provide you with a credit card pretty much as soon as you leave school. It’s no wonder so many South Africans get used to buying things they want on credit. That’s often where the debt spiral begins. If you are struggling with your finances […]

05Jun 2019
How important is Cash Flow?

Most people have the misconception that cash flow isn’t important, but it is important and if you manage your cash flow right then you can end up in a great financial position. What is cash flow? Cash flow is the money coming into your account and the money going out of your account. Your salary […]

12Mar 2019
How to budget

Although it requires commitment on your part; you can work out a way to budget when you’re already in debt. Here’s how: Track your spending If you have more cash going out than coming in, then essentially you need to spend less and earn more. Take a look at what you’re earning versus your expenses, […]