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Dust Off Your Budget - Here's how to clean your finances in 2021

Dust off your goals

Spring is the perfect time to bring your New Year’s goals back to life. What were you budgeting for? Were you saving for that dream holiday? Have you ticked any of these goals off yet? If not, now’s the time to spring into action and get back into the swing of things!

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Financial Wellbeing in the year of Covid.

The festive season is almost here, and it’s been one challenging year.  No one could have predicted what 2020 had in store for us. The Covid-19 Pandemic changed the world overnight.

Not only were we impacted emotionally but our financial wellbeing was deeply affected.  We saw retrenchments and unemployment. People were on reduced pay and there was a general uncertainty of what was to come.

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2020 - forever remembered as the year of the pandemic.

Lessons learnt from our strategist Sandisiwe Yengeni

As the year draws to a close (thank goodness), I have found myself reflecting on what 2020 has done to my financial plans. I came into the year with big goals of saving, especially towards retirement, travelling, and making sure I build up that safety net for rainy days. I was doing quite well, then the pandemic hit, and my well-laid plans went out the window.

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Don't dip into your retirement savings to cover your debt.

Tapping into your retirement savings early can have a long-term devasting impact. If you find yourself changing jobs with the option to cash out your fund to pay off your debt. Don’t. You will accumulate more debt when you stop working to fund your retirement.

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Repossessing my car under debt review

The main concern of people in debt is repossession of their assets, like their car. This leads to the popular question of “Can I lose my car if I go under debt review?” The simple answer is no. This is because when you enter under debt review, your assets are protected under the NCA (national credit act).

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As parents, we know that our children’s financial future starts with us. it’s our responsibility to teach good money lessons by instilling good money habits that will set them up for a financially secure future.
So where do you start? We’ll show you how with these easy-peasy tips:

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