Fathers Day

5 Idea’s for Father’s Day that cost NOTHING!

 Father’s Day is coming up this June, and often as it nears the end of the month, one is not necessarily able to go wild and buy big expensive gifts or experiences. But really, we feel that can sometimes take away from the whole point of Father’s Day entirely. What we mean is it’s all about appreciation and showing your love for the father figure in your life.

So here we have a few lekker ideas to show your appreciation for Dad this Father’s Day that literally costs (very very little to) nothing at all. Just your time and a little effort.

  1. Breakfast in Bed

Yes, this one may be a very popular suggestion (like with Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day) but guess what? It’s just the best! Wake Dad up on Sunday Morning with a hot cup of his favourite drink and a simple breakfast that he will enjoy. The best part of this, is all sitting and relaxing with him while he enjoys the start to his day. Perhaps ask him if there is anything in particular, he really want’s done this Father’s Day or if he wants to leave it in your hands! In which case make a few suggestions, remember especially in South Africa we are really blessed with the most incredible scenery of parks and mountains and oceans so perhaps you can go on a special outing where a walk is involved.

  1. Recreate an Old Family Photo

This activity is bound to stir up laughter and fun! Do you have an old family photograph of Dad when he was much younger and the kids when they were very small? Recreate it now! Well, sometimes it’s even possible to find some of the old props which were in the photo and reuse them. It will be a bundle of laughs trying to perfect the pose and the facial expressions of everyone. Best of all, it’s a fun activity that costs nothing. Maybe in days to come afterwards (or next month) you can get the photo printed. But that’s also not necessary- it’s the sentiment that counts. And the comparison to the original which can get everyone into hysterics!

  1. Chore Take Over

Is there something on a Sunday that Dad usually gets done? For example, mow the lawn? Or take the dogs for a walk? Or clean the pool? Anything habitual like that which is a chore that he tends to do on a Sunday? Take it off his plate for Father’s Day! Tell him to rather sit back and relax and you personally take care of it for him. It’s easy to forget that sometimes taking a break from all of the usual happenings is the best treat of all. Just a chance to relax and perhaps catch up on some much needed shut eye.

  1. Mending Clothes

Does Dad have that old, faded t-shirt from back-in-the-day which is really torn up and should really just be chucked but he loves to death? Well, take today to ‘mend’ it for him! Get some help from someone who knows how to use a needle and thread and stitch the little holes closed so that it is in better condition. Or even if it’s a belt which needs to be resized, something of his which he has basically been make-shifting but really ought to be mended. Another mend which could be great is resewing on buttons onto a shirt of his which has lost a few, or re-ironing a few of his smart shirts and hanging them up in the wardrobe so that they look all smart and fresh again.

  1. Handprinted Art

It’s not only Mom who loves this little hand sketched and crafted pieces. Dad may have a special nook for a piece of art from you too. Consider drawing or writing something for Dad which would be special to you both. Maybe it’s a place you have both been that you enjoy. Or maybe it’s something which fiercely reminds him of you or vice versa! Dad could perhaps keep this in his wallet, or in a little cubbyhole at work. These little pieces often become treasured over the years, and this is also something which comes entirely from the heart.

There you have it, 5 simple ways to show your love for your Dad without breaking the bank at all!