Buying a house

Buying your first home? Here’s a few tips to keep in mind!

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Save up for a deposit: One of the most important things you can do to increase your chances in obtaining a bond at a good rate is to have a…

Millenials spending habits

Spending habits of South African millennials

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Born between 1984 and the end of 1994, millennials are fast hitting the workplace and contributing to the South African economy. As digital natives, you are more empowered than ever…

Financial Wellness

Our MD chats about the need for financial wellness in the workplace

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David O’Brien is our founder and Managing Director. Here he talks about the national debt problem we are all facing and the impact on an organisation’s bottom line. “The national debt…

Compound interest

Compound interest and debt simplified

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How compound interest works Compounding works for both investing and borrowing. The two main factors that influence the amount of money you can accumulate, or the amount of time it…


What is PAYE on your payslip and how to get tax back from it.

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Have you seen the word PAYE on your IRP5 payslip or heard it mentioned by your employer, but have no idea what it means? Well, all it means is that you are paying…

Use your annual increase wisely.

How to make the most of an annual increase

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Everyone loves an increase. That extra income not only helps you feel rewarded at work, but it also just makes life a little bit easier. And if you’re working on…

Let's get debt-free

5 steps to a debt-free 2018

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Digging out of debt is one of the most common New Year’s resolutions for a reason; it’s easy to make but harder to accomplish. Here are FIVE practical tips you…

Spend your annual bonus wisely!

5 ways to spend your bonus wisely.

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It’s that time of the year again when most employees receive their bonuses so it’s important to use this additional money in a way that makes the most of this…

Debt Review

Debt review vs debt consolidation. What’s the difference?

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When you have many different loans and accounts, it is tempting to consolidate all into one reduced monthly repayment. But, using debt to pay off debt is not a sustainable...
Financial Stress

Stressed at home & stressed at work

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Financial stress is making us sick! As reported by Kabelo Khumalo in Saturdays (21st October) Personal Finance. Worrying about debt can lead to an increase in mental health and other…

New job

5 Financial mistakes employees make when starting a new job

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Starting a new job or getting a promotion can be an exciting time! Whether you’ve been out of work for a while and are just now getting back on your…

Financial Wellness

Financial wellness should be offered to staff

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“The timing is ripe for employers to play a more integral role in their employees’ financial lives – and most leading employers know it” Schwark Satyavolu, discusses the need for…

South Africa has a national debt problem

We have a National Debt Problem.

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Roughly 10 million people are behind on their bills, which has resulted in 16 000 consumers a month seeking debt review. Ciaran Ryan explores this national problem in Moneyweb (19/09/17)….

What to do if you have a judgment

What to do if you have a judgment against you

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Getting slapped with a court judgment can fill a debtor with dread. Most credit card debt is “unsecured,” meaning it is not backed by property such as a home or…

Get out of debt!

5 Ways to Get Out and Stay Out of Debt

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To get out of debt, you’ll need two things: A strategic plan for saving money, and time. Without winning the lottery (a terrible plan for getting out of debt), getting…

Declined a loan

Loan Application Denied. Now What?

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If your loan application is denied, you might wonder what to do next. Why were you denied, how long do you need to wait before applying again, and what steps…

credit score

7 Ways to Build and Improve Your Personal Credit Score

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You probably know that your credit score is a big factor in getting a loan, but you may not realise just how much of an impact it can have on…

The truth about debt review

Debt Review – How it works

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Thanks to the recent economic crisis, people are more familiar with debt than they would like to be. Unfortunately, they are also applying for debt review for all the wrong…

Money Mistakes

Top 5 Financial mistakes – and how you can avoid them.

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Whether you’re 20 or 70 years old – none of us are perfect when it comes to financial matters. No matter what age you are, making the same money mistakes…

Employee debt

Debt in the workplace – looking out for you and your employees

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Our nation’s national debt has seen a steady increase over the years. We are a country heavily dependent on credit and this affects us all. Let’s look at a few…

The Great Recession: What impact will the recession have on you?

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As frightening as what it is, we need to come to realise that South Africa is once again heading into a recession. Our economy is steadily weakening and many sectors…

Why you should start saving in your 20’s

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Managing your finances for the first time can be overwhelming. With daily expenses, housing and health care, heavy debts and long term goals – you might feel that saving for...
A solution for bad debt

Debt Counselling: A good solution for bad debt

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When expenses begin to outweigh income, it’s easy to fall into a state of financial instability and this can be very daunting. As an over-indebted customer, it is important to understand that...

The who, when, what, where, how of PAYE

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Let’s face it – no one likes the idea of taxes. As Benjamin Franklin once said – “There are only two certain things in life: death and taxes.” But there...
Save on a small salary

How to save money on a small salary

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    Payday Mayday! Can you still save money if you earn a small salary? The answer is (a big) yes! Whether you’re saving money for university, retirement, a family...
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Make the most of your festive season

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Enjoy your holiday, in the best way possible We’ve all heard the saying:  “Fill your life with memories not things. Have stories to tell and not stuff to show” –…