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In the last South African census statistics, it showed that 14% of the population’s households are managed by women, with 5% of households having female breadwinners. When you look at these statistics, you can see why it’s important for women to take control of their financial future, but it’s not always that easy – especially […]

Is your credit score looking a bit low? Wondering what determines a good credit score in the first place? Let’s take a look at a few factors: Payment history: Do you pay your bill regularly and on time? Amount owed: How much money do you owe to various lenders? Credit history: Sometimes, having no credit […]

Recently the Ombudsman for Banking Services released the annual report, highlighting that banking fraud continues to be a big problem for South African consumers, with internet banking fraud being the most widespread complaint. Have you been a victim? Here’s 4 things you need to do to try and minimise the damages that could lead to […]

We all know that sometimes the hardest thing about saving money is just getting started, especially when living expenses are high and/or you’re in debt. But, it’s never too late, in fact, you could start today! Here’s how: Set your goals and go for it Firstly, why do you want to save? Do you want […]

Starting out in the “real world” as a young adult fresh out of school or college is a very exciting time, but your freedom as an adult can come at a price. These days, daily life is expensive! Expenses that you’ve never had to worry about before like rent, transport, food and general living can […]

So it’s already the end of June and you still haven’t made a dent in your debt yet? Don’t stress! It’s NEVER too late to get started on your road to a debt-free future. First things first: Having a positive mind will help make your debt situation seem a lot less scary and easier to […]

So why buy your own house? Buying a house means that you can make any improvements you like, which can increase the overall value of your property. Renting? Making changes won’t be that easy and tenants need permission from the landlord for most things. Want to start a family? Some landlords have rules against having pets […]

Most people have the misconception that cash flow isn’t important, but it is important and if you manage your cash flow right then you can end up in a great financial position. What is cash flow? Cash flow is the money coming into your account and the money going out of your account. Your salary […]

You probably know that your credit score is a big factor in getting a loan, but you may not realise just how much of an impact it can have on all aspects of your financial life. Your credit score can influence everything from interest rates and insurance premiums to apartment rentals and even job eligibility. […]