Here’s 5 ways to save on daily expenses this winter:

  1. Have a weekly money review

Sit down once a week and review your financial status. Review your accounts and your budget that you have set up for the month. Make sure that you are on track.

  1. Make coffee at home

As much as we all love a freshly ground cup of coffee from our favourite café, spending R20 plus every day on a cup of coffee adds up quickly. Try cut down on these to once or twice a week only.

  1. Prep for grocery shopping

Make a grocery list and stick to your list, only get what’s needed. You should also do some research and see which grocery market is running specials for the items you require. Sign up for loyalty cards as you get cash back points. 

  1. Reduce eating out and ordering online food deliveries

As easy as it easy to simply click and have your dinner delivered, this can add up fast. You should pre plan your weeks meals and even cook most of it over the weekend and freeze your meals for an easy alternative in the week. Save eating out for a weekend and only once or twice a week.

  1. Use it up

You probably have lots of unused or partly used items around your house. Before you go to the store to buy more, look around and see if you can find something at home. This simple exercise will help you to spend less and to clear out some of the clutter in your home.


Get your debt in order

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