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get out of debt

(And how a positive mind set can help you get there!)

Having a positive mind will help make your debt situation seem a lot less scary and easier to manage. Rather than feeling like you’re throwing your money away every month, making re-payments can start to feel like you’re accomplishing a long-term goal. Below are a few tips to help change your thinking so you can get on track to achieving a debt-free future.

Know your debt

Before coming up with a plan to get rid of your debt, learn everything about what type of debt you have first. Different types of debt come with different ways of dealing with it. For example, paying off debt with a high interest rate will allow you to save money in the long-run. Staying focused and sticking to your plan will help you reach your goal.

Think of debt as a hurdle – something that you can overcome

Instead of making the minimum payments on your debt, try making payments with the goal of eventually getting rid of the payments altogether. Got loans? Speak to your lenders to see if you can negotiate an easier re-payment plan. (PS. At Meerkat, we’ll deal with all your creditors on your behalf. Contact us today for a FREE no-obligation debt assessment.)

Set Targets (and beat them)

Paying off debt can seem like a struggle most of the time because you’re looking too far into the future. If you’re in debt, and you expect it to take years in order to become debt free, then it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and not even start. The solution to making debt re-payments more rewarding is to break down a big goal into smaller ones.

Better late than never

Another mindset that is very useful on your journey is knowing that even if you start late, a late-start is better than not doing it at all.  The most important thing is to start paying off your debt today!

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